Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen is a quintessentially British brand. The company established its name supplying ties to all manner of British institutions, from the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, to the country’s leading schools and the Army’s finest regiments. For nearly a century, Kent & Curwen has stood as a paragon of authentic British menswear, noted for its classic styling, superb materials and impeccable tailoring.

Creative director Daniel Kearns, in partnership with David Beckham, has established a new blueprint for Kent & Curwen: a fresh take on English heritage for the way men dress today – they have created a wardrobe fit for the modern man.

Daniel Kearns and David Beckham have worked collaboratively to create this new vision for Kent & Curwen. David Beckham is involved in all aspects of the Kent & Curwen business, including product development, market expansion, advertising and store aesthetic. The ambition is to create a modern lifestyle brand based on the authenticity of its legacy, something that is identifiable with its history and instinctively wearable for men all around the world.