Tombolini is an iconic Italian apparel company linking tradition with innovation. Their payoff is ”Menswear made in Italy” and the brand is known for having the world’s lightest construction “Zero Gravity”, where a suit only weighs 380 grams and is iron free.

Tombolini is the leading brand in Italy regarding fabrics and they are specialists in “Deconstructed Elegance”. Comfort and weightlessness are key words in the collections.

The brand was originally a dressmaker’s workroom started in 1964 by Eugenio Tombolini. As the company became increasingly prosperous, Eugenio rebranded the company as URBIS in honour of his hometown Urbisaglia. In 1987 his daughter Fiorella Tombolini took over the business, and in 1996, the brand Tombolini was born. Today Fiorella continues to carry out her father’s passion for the business.

Tombolini is well known and appreciated for its high-quality products; it represents a taste and passion for what is beautiful and truly Italian.