Cerruti 1881

Since its origins in 1881 the brand has achieved international status as a leading fashion brand. Cerruti has continued to combine quality and style, craftsmanship and technology. Over the decades, Cerruti has, in effect, demonstrated that modern design excellence cannot only be inspired and desirable, but also sumptuous and innovative.

In 1950, at the age of 20, Nino Cerruti took over the company founded by his grandfather and began to develop and update its core activity of textile manufacture and extended it to include garment production. The company’s first ready-to-wear collection for men was presented in 1957. In view of the prevailing trend for bespoke tailoring at the time, the change in direction left a particularly strong mark in the press and the public eye and was heralded as a revolution. It represented a confident move away from what had been done previously to show the new future of men’s fashion. The collection consists of a wide innovative men’s wear collection, accessories and bags.